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After much experimentation, I figured out how to build a LISP image (application) in ACL5.  The problem is that the new image-building machinery does not inherit anything from the running image.  The solution is to build a project that contains a single file that loads your system.  For example, here is the file I used:

(cl:in-package "CL-USER")
(load "t:\\dev5\\fsl\\base\\lportabl.fasl")
(let ((p:*module-defaults* '(#p"t:\\dev5\\fsl\\" #p"t:\\dev5\\src\\util\\")))
   (p:require "scaffold/query.l")
   (tquery :ipl-well)
   (p:require "x-dm/impl")
   (p:require "x-dm-sql/impl")
   (p:require "x-ppdm/impl")
   (p:require "x-uwi/impl")
   (p:require "mdl-ipl-well/xmain")

Another wrinkle is that the initial function for the image must return a window.  The image will run until that window closes.  We will probably have to work around this behaviour.  Maybe we can return NIL or a closed window.

In the course of troubleshooting this process, I noticed that the query tool was still using some of the compatibility classes in the ACLWIN302 package.  We should delete this package when developing.

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