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Product Aggregation in SQL Server

Ever wanted to write something like this in SQL Server:


Well, wish no more:

SET @P = 1

... provided you can use the query in a context that permits T-SQL that is (e.g. not in a view or a subquery).  Note that you can perform arbitrary aggregations using this technique (say, summing while respecting null contagion, concatenating strings... the mind boggles).


How Many Agile Product Guys?

I was curious how many of the Agile Manifesto guys had a "product" background.  By that I mean that they have worked in a product shop at least more recently than they got into the "agile" game.  Here is the score:

  • Mike Beedle - don't think so, his Agile bio suggests that he has been consulting since the 90's
  • Arie van Bennekum - don't think so, from his Agile bio
  • Alistair Cockburn - no, according to the bio on his site
  • Ward Cunningham - maybe, from his Agile bio -- can't tell from other online sources
  • Martin Fowler - no, from the bio on his site
  • Jim Highsmith - no, from the bio on his site
  • Andrew Hunt - no, from the bio on his site
  • Ron Jeffries - no, from the bio on xprogramming.com
  • Joe Kern - no, despite the fact that his bio at immuexa talks of Compuware's OptimalJ "product team"
  • Brian Marick - maybe (as a tester?), from his bio at exampler
  • Robert C. Martin - no, from his bios at Object Mentor and his blog
  • Ken Schwaber - no, from his Agile bio
  • Jeff Sutherland - yes, from his Agile bio
  • Dave Thomas - don't know

So, we have 1 yes, 2 maybe yes, 2 maybe no, 8 no and 1 unknown.  Let's split the difference on the uncertain ones and say 10.5 no to 3.5 yes.


JVM Heap Dump Options

On the Sun JVM, you can tell it to perform a heap dump automatically when an out-of-memory error occurs using these arguments:


There are many more Java HotSpot VM options.

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