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IE has a habit of crashing randomly after certain XML operations fail.  For example, it is not unusual for IE to crash when attempting to apply an invalid XSLT against a large XML file.  The same appears to be true for invalid XSchema validations.  The solution is to close all running instances of IE and try again.  I have seen FrontPage exhibit 'weird' behaviour in these circumstances as well, but not crash (e.g. weird = unable to close a document).

I wrote a short WScript to perform XML validation:

if (WScript.Arguments.length != 1) {
  WScript.Echo("Usage: cscript validator.js ");

var url = WScript.Arguments(0);
var document = new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.DOMDocument.5.0");
if (document.load(url)) {
    WScript.Echo("The file is valid.\n" + url);
} else {
        "Unable to load the document.\n"
        + document.parseError.reason
        + "\n" + url);

When using it, I discovered that MSXML appears to ignore the XML Schema associated with a document when there is a DTD present.

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