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Eclipse xdoclet Error

In an Eclipse project, I had this pesky error message:

The preferences for the xdoclet runtime does not point to a valid installation.

I wasn't using xdoclet in the project.  It turns out that this can occur if some tool (like the WST plug-in) had added xdoclet nature to the project and subsequently removed it.  I found a reference to this problem in the Eclipse bug tracker.  The bug entry suggested adding and removing xdoclet nature to clear up any left over problem markers.  I did this, but then I found out that my project actually had xdoclet nature, along with WST and JEM natures.  I guess at some point the project must have been opened by the WST plug-in.  The funny thing was that the project did not take on the characteristic look of a WST project in the package explorer.  I hand-deleted the various natures from the .project file and then all was well.

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