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BEA WebLogic 8.1 vs license.bea

If you manually move your BEA installation directory somewhere else, the WebLogic server will fail to start with a license exception.  Further digging will reveal that it is looking for the license file, license.bea, in the old directory. 

WebLogic 8.1 seems to use a hard-coded pathname to the license file.  I could not find where it was hard-coded -- it was not in any of the generated start-up scripts.  Their installer must put it into a JAR somewhere, or maybe even compile up a class file that contains it.  There is, however, a work-around.  Add the following system property to the command that starts the WLS server:


Of course, to have a hope of this working, you must edit the various BEA scripts to point to the new directory as well (or, a novel thought, to use relative pathnames).

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