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Dynamic Chart Labelling in BIRT

Here is an example script that can be attached to a BIRT chart object in order to change the labels on the chart dynamically:


function beforeDrawAxisTitle(axis, label, icsc)
    var title = label.caption.value;
    if ("" == title) {
        if (axis.orientation === Orientation.get(Orientation.HORIZONTAL)) {
            label.caption.value = ReportUtilities.formatLongDate(getParameterValue("fromDate"))
                + " to " + ReportUtilities.formatLongDate(getParameterValue("toDate"));
        } else {
            label.caption.value = getParameterValue("currencyDesc");

function beforeRendering(gcs, icsc)
    var chart = gcs.chartModel;
    chart.title.label.caption.value = getParameterValue("reportingPeriodDesc") + " Capital Spending";

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