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Mysterious Eclipse 3.3 Build Path Problems

Using Eclipse 3.3, I had a plug-in that failed to build with the error message complaining that a JAR on which it depends is missing.  The JAR was listed as an explicit, workspace-relative, library entry.  It was not listed in the plug-in manifest in any way.


  •  verified that the destination resource existed
  • deleted the library entry and re-added it
  • cleaned and rebuilt the project
  • refreshed all resources in the workspace

None of these actions corrected the problem.  I eventually fixed it by temporarily adding the required JAR to the extra classpath entries in the plug-in manifest.  As soon as I did this, Eclipse tried to rebuild the project but failed complaining that there were now duplicate entries for the errant JAR.  I then removed the extra classpath entry that I had added and all was well.  Net result: no change.

I do not understand either what was broken or how it was fixed.  I can only imagine that Eclipse had some kind of cached information somewhere that finally got cleared out.

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