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There was much wringing of hands trying to get the wellview ASP.NET application working on Andromeda.  At first, it appeared that the app required more privilege than is granted by default by ASP.NET.  However, it turned out that the problem was that application debugging was turned on.  The default trust level did not permit this.  Turning off debugging in the application's web.config file solved the problem.  I had not noticed this behaviour while developing on Nemesis.  Apparently, the 'out-of-the-box' behaviour on that machine was to grant the required debugging permissions (full trust!) to applications.  There is no global web.config file and the usual .NET config tool did not show any relevant rules.  So... the question is why is full trust being granted on Nemesis?  Update: it is because of the file:


This file contains a lot of .NET settings.  ASP.NET is configured in the system.web section.

One handy-dandy trick to note: there is an 'application tracing' setting in the web.config file.  When it is turned on, you can view the trace log by hitting trace.axd on your application's URL.

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