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This "blog" is really just a scratchpad of mine. There is not much of general interest here. Most of the content is scribbled down "live" as I discover things I want to remember. I rarely go back to correct mistakes in older entries. You have been warned :)


BEA XQuery

BEA's implementation of XQuery does not support recursion.  If you try it, you get an exception like:

weblogic.xml.query.exceptions.XQuerySystemException: {bea-err}SYS006: Function {lib:DsTest/WorkItemHierarchy/hierarchy}factorial is recursive; this is not supported (sorry)
	at weblogic.xml.query.operators.UserDefinedFunction.codeGenRecursiveFunction(UserDefinedFunction.java:174)
	at weblogic.xml.query.runtime.core.RecFuncIterator.fetchNext(RecFuncIterator.java:69)
	at weblogic.xml.query.iterators.GenericIterator.next(GenericIterator.java:109)

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