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This "blog" is really just a scratchpad of mine. There is not much of general interest here. Most of the content is scribbled down "live" as I discover things I want to remember. I rarely go back to correct mistakes in older entries. You have been warned :)



I tried to evaluate Dicodess, a distributed co-operative decision support system.  I couldn't get it to run.  I was following the 'robots' tutorial.  After pressing 'continue' on the 'Project Properties' page, the application simply exits.  No error messages are issued to the console, and there do not seem to be any log files.  At first I thought that the JVM that I was using, 1.5.0_07, was too new, but the system fails the same way under 1.4.2_12.  After failing once, the system hangs on start-up at the stage 'Initializing Working Memory'.  The only way to recover from this state is to delete the contents of the Dicodess 'projects' directory.

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