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BEA Workshop vs. EsiPlatformDataDS Build Process

The problem was that the JAR file wlsdo.jar was not accessible to Workshop.  It is not clear why this is the case.  Three solutions were identified:

  1. Add wlsdo.jar to the application in the Libraries folder.
  2. Add wlsdo.jar as an additional classpath entry in the application preferences.
  3. Add wlsdo.jar as an additional classpath entry in C:\esidev\bea\weblogic81\workshop\Workshop.cfg.

We chose #3.  #1 had the problem it creates a copy of the JAR, so it just creates one more place that needs to be updated if we ever change versions.  #2 had the problem that we could not locate where the additional entry was being stored -- it was not anywhere within the application source directory.

Another problem we noted was that if you attempt to build a data service project when some of the underlying XSD files are missing, then you will get a cryptic error message suggesting that you verify that the temp folder is writable.  In our case, the XSD files were being copied into the project by a previous step.  If you missed that step, the error message was not much good a reminding you to do the copy.  The same 'temp folder' message will also appear if the APP-INF/lib directory does not exist.

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