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Eclipse RCP Forms

If you are using a MasterDetailBlock, if you try to create content for an IDetailsPage setting the marginHeight on a Section to anything other than zero, the content of the whole section will be displayed incorrectly.  e.g.

    public void createContents(Composite parent) {
        TableWrapLayout layout = new TableWrapLayout();
        layout.topMargin = 5;
        layout.leftMargin = 5;
        layout.rightMargin = 2;
        layout.bottomMargin = 2;

        FormToolkit toolkit = _managedForm.getToolkit();
        Section section = toolkit.createSection(parent, Section.DESCRIPTION);
        section.marginWidth = 10;
        section.marginHeight = 5; // don't try to do this
        section.setText("Lookup Types");
        section.setDescription("Some description...");

Also, if you do not set the layout on the parent of a details page, the details won't show up at all.

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