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ALDSP Null Pointer Exceptions

I have seen ALDSP null pointer exceptions a few times, with stack traces like this:

Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.populateBindingTree(DataServiceMediator.java:2183)
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.populateBindingTree(DataServiceMediator.java:2230)
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.populateBindingTree(DataServiceMediator.java:2230)
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.parseDataGraph(DataServiceMediator.java:1990)
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.getUpdatePlan(DataServiceMediator.java:593)
        at com.bea.ld.dsmediator.update.DataServiceMediator.submit(DataServiceMediator.java:509)

Today it arose when I tried to submit an update to a DTO that showed a parent-child hierarchy.  I didn't seriously think that the update would work, but I don't think that an NPE is a particularly helpful error message.  I looked at the source of DataServiceMediator#populateBindingTree, but it was hard to identify the errant line.

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