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Exchange Woes

Most of the morning was spent tracking down delays in email delivery for someone.  Last week he had noticed that a few emails were taking hours to arrive in his mailbox.  Today, he noticed that some outgoing emails were also being delayed.  I spent a fair amount of time inspecting ANTLIA to see whether the problem could be at our end.  The MS Exchange logs showed a typical incoming and outgoing flow of email traffic.  The NT event log was clean, except that McAfee GroupShield was complaining that disk space was low -- which was true for drive C.  I made space on drive C and rebooted ANTLIA for good measure.  In addition, I captured SMTP packets on ANTLIA for a couple of hours.  Analysis of those packets did not reveal anything interesting -- except that MS Exchange keeps trying to send non-delivery responses to spammers.  And MSEXCH 5.5 has no way to turn off NDRs.

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