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I migrated our Intranet web site files from VSS to SVN.  I wanted to make the 'live' web directory an SVN working copy, but I didn't know how to configure IIS to not serve up the numerous .SVN files.  I was looking for an equivalent to the Apache 'limit' directives.  Apparently, there is no such concept on IIS.  However, Microsoft has a global ISAPI filter called UrlScan which can, among other things, be used to control whether files are served up based upon their extension.  UrlScan is configured by the file:


The default UrlScan permissions are fairly tight.  In order to avoid breaking any other applications (like ASP.NET or FrontPage extensions), I moved the UrlScan filter down the list in priority (on web site properties\ISAPI filters page).  Note that UrlScan loads as a 'high priority' filter unless you adjust the setting of the AllowLateScanning directive in urlscan.ini).

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