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BEA WebLogic

WebLogic 8.1 claims to support JAX-RPC 1.0, but I found that the implementation of the ServiceLifeCycle interface always passed null as the context, so you cannot recover the servlet context.  Later investigation found that BEA's documentation noted this deficiency.  I need the servlet context to recover the UserPrincipal object.

The WebLogic 9.0 documentation is evasive on the topic.  The documentation emphasizes the new .JWS functionality which is not covered by any standard.  It claims the JAX-RPC 1.1 but all the examples only deal with client side code.  Indeed, all methods of generating web services other than through .JWS files are deprecated.  The documentation also claims that Enterprise Web Services 1.0 is supported but, again, none of the examples or tools seem to agree with that statement.

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