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WebLogic 8.1 JWS Files

Having discovered that there is a bug in SERVICEGEN where generated web service operations have blank SOAPActions, and that JWS files generated in the workshop do not exhibit this problem, I decided to see how the latter were being annotated.  First I poked around in the generated EAR file looking for some kind of deployment descriptor.  Nothing.  In fact, all I could find was a class file, sitting in the .workshop directory in the JAR file (not even in WEB-INF!).  I suspected that BEA was generating non-standard class properties in the class file, so I wrote a short program using BCEL to dump the properties.  Lo and behold!  There is non-standard property called com.bea.wlw.annotation.v2, that contains a WSDL fragment, some schema, and a bunch of binary (serialized?) stuff.  The upshot is that only the BEA compiler can be used to generate these classes (or perhaps only the WebLogic workshop itself).

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