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WebLogic vs. Web Services

I am still having troubles writing a web service for use in esi.execute.  The requirements, and problems, are recounted in the following table.

Requirement WLS 8.1 WLS 9.1
deployable on WLS ok ok
can be built using Ant ok JWSC task has issues (see below)
primary web service defined as a Java interface finicky, but possible ok
supports XMLBeans as parameters/result (for compatibility with the ALDSP 2.0 stack) yes, through custom serializers The docs suggest that XMLBeans can be used, but are deprecated.  However, I can't get it to work (see below).  The docs also mention using a generic SOAPElement for untyped data, but this would require two in-memory copies of the XML document (i.e. the SOAPElement implementations, and our own implementation in XMLBeans or whatever).

WLS 9.1 no longer supports custom serializers.

supports arguments that are partly strongly typed and partly untyped (i.e. "raw XML")
supports streaming (a "nice-to-have") yes, through custom serializers no
supports Java 1.5 no yes

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