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This "blog" is really just a scratchpad of mine. There is not much of general interest here. Most of the content is scribbled down "live" as I discover things I want to remember. I rarely go back to correct mistakes in older entries. You have been warned :)


Eclipse Plug-in Development

This morning when I opened my Eclipse workspace, one of my RCP projects had problems with its build paths.  On the 'libraries' property page, the entry that is normally called 'Plug-in Dependencies' was labelled 'org.eclipse.pde.core.requiredPlugins (unbound)' and the container was empty.  After much experimenting, I discovered I could fix the problem by closing and re-opening the project, followed by a 'clean'.

My workbench showed errors on start-up:

Error 2006-01-12 08:07:48.184 An internal error occurred during: "Initializing Java tooling".
at org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.BasicNotifierImpl.eNotify(BasicNotifierImpl.java:229)
at org.eclipse.wst.common.internal.emf.resource.TranslatorResourceImpl.setID(TranslatorResourceImpl.java:310)

Error 2006-01-12 08:07:48.169 Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: "org.eclipse.core.resources".
java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: 4
at org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.BasicNotifierImpl.eNotify(BasicNotifierImpl.java:229)
at org.eclipse.emf.common.notify.impl.NotificationImpl.dispatch(NotificationImpl.java:931)
at org.eclipse.wst.common.componentcore.internal.impl.ComponentResourceImpl.setComponent(ComponentResourceImpl.java:216)
at org.eclipse.wst.common.componentcore.internal.impl.ResourceTreeNode.findMatchingVirtualPathsSet(ResourceTreeNode.java:210)

Warning 2006-01-12 08:07:39.347 A workspace crash was detected. The previous session did not exit normally.

although as far as I can remember the previous session did exit normally.

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